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Six years after their top-rated last album "Lvcifer Es", the Thuringian avant-garde metalers return to the 20th anniversary of the band with their sixth studio album "Judasmesse" under the new old label Trollzorn and they show themselves matured but by no means tired. 9 opulent songs and a total playing time of almost an hour also make Fjoergyn's 6th album a masterpiece that their fans had to wait a long time for.

Press reviews:
"This album is great art and will inspire anyone who can think outside the box!" - Metal Only (DE), 10/10
"A masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of any genre and opens a path for new and unconventional ideas." - (CH), 4/5
"Fjoergyn are worth a listening tour again in 2023." - (DE)
"An excellent album!" - Metallerium (PE/ES), 9.6/10

01. Sturz
02. Kain
03. Komm Abel lass uns aufs Feld gehen
04. Prometheus I – Briefe eines sterbenden Kosmos
05. Prometheus II – Uranos Zorn
06. Prometheus III – Plagen
07. Vater(s)land
08. Non Serviam
09. Warfarin

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